A New Era of Security

 We Protect your business reputation, your data and your customers from hackers and hacking bot technology. 

Security Audits

We maintain daily, weekly and monthly security audits of your server and website. Any changes to your core files and we are notified immediately 

Vulnerability Prevention

We use the same methods hackers use to compromise your website or server. We check for vulnerabilities and close them before they are exploited

Wordpress Security

Advanced WordPress security, spam prevention and hack repair


Security Solutions & Services

Modern Web has trained experts with experience and credentials in computer security and digital forensics. Our top priority is to ensure that every effort is utilized to prevent unauthorized access to your website , server or web visitors comptuers.

Advanced Security Technology

We utilize advanced technologies to prevent hackers and unauthorized access , even from employees. As the methods that hackers employ change, we also must adapt. We stay up to date daily on cyber threats and new vulnerabilites that could expose our clients websites and reputation.


What We Offer

We offer complete peace of mind cyber security. We guarentee that if you website is hacked or compromised in any way , we will repair , back up or re-install all softwares at no charge , that is our gaurentee

Advanced WordPress Security

Thousands of WordPress sites are hacked every day, we make sure your site is protected.

Security Monitoring & Audits

We utilize constant uptime monitoring, check for file changes and are notified immediately if your site has been attacked.

Hack Repair Guarentee

If your site is compromised we will fix it at no cost to you. We are confident it will take great effort to gain access to your website.

I’m a small business, 

Why would anyone want to hack me?

Many thousands of small business websites are hacked or compromised every day, usually through automated bots that are programed to look for specific vulnerabilities in your website or hosting provider.

Website security is vital to keeping your website online and safe for visitors. Once a hacker has gained access to your website, he can remove it, gain access to your business data, attack your customers and web visitors and use your server resources to help in attacking other sites.

Don’t get blacklisted

If your site is hacked and or being used to promote spam or attacking other sites, The major security and search engines will place your website and domain on a blacklist. If Google has blacklisted you, we can help clear your good name.

Malware Removal

If your website has already been hacked or infected with malware or a trojan virus, we can inspect and remove the backdoor or maware and get your site back up and running

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